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Announcement of a mini-sesshin in Israel in March 2012 (s. below).

On March 23, 2011, Rinfun-an Silvia OSTERTAG Roshi passed away.@We express our deepest sympathy.

We have information on 4 newly appointed Zen Teachers (Wah Keong BOEY, Reinhard BUSMANN, Rune OLSSON, Dragan PETROVIC). Please see gSanbô-Zen Zen Leader with Their Zen Centersh.

2 new names have been added to the list of the Sanbô-Zen Zen-Leaders (Ms. Aoki and Mr. Appelmann).

English translation of Hekiganroku-Teisho 92-100 have been added. Please go to the Members' Forum.

On May 25, 2009, Prof. Dr. Peter LENGSFELD, Sanbô-Zen Zen-Teacher, passed away in Aitern/Germany.@We would like to express our deepest sympathy.

KYÔSHÔ #319(Japanese/English) has been mounted in the Library.

Johannes KOPP, Zen Teacher, now has a new email address.
j o h a n n e s . k o p p @ l e b e n - a u s - d e r - m i t t e . d e

Pierre PHILIPPON, Zen Teacher, now has a new address:
26270 Saulce sur Rhone
Tel : (0033) 04 75 63 21 83
Mail : p i e r r e p h i l i p p o n @ w a n a d o o . f r

Kyosho No. 333 (Japanese) has been mounted.

Kyosho No. 334 (English) has been mounted.

English translation of Hekiganroku-Teisho 88-91 have been added. Please go to the Members' Forum.

Carmen MONSKE, Zen Teacher, now has a new URL:

Roshi Joan RIECK now has a new email address:
j o a n . r ie c k @ g m a i l . c o m

April 12: You can hear the recitations of the Hannya-shingyo as well as Shigu-Seiganmon at the end of the Members' Forum.

Announcement from the Munich Zendo
The Munich Zendo practices zazen under the guidance of Sister Kathleen Seiun-An Roshi.
Sesshin and zazen in the mountains take place twice a year (February and August/September). Once a month there is a zazenkai in Munich (Pasing) from Saturday 2pm to Sunday 1pm. Every week it is possible to sit in Munich on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Visitors are welcome. Anyone interested may contact one of the teachers who take care of the group while Seiun-An Roshi is absent:
Eva Sperner, Enkô-An, München, Tel. (+49) 089-4482774,
i n f o @ z e n d o - m u e n c h e n - ha i d h a u s e n . d e; Stefan Sachs, Kôun-Ken, Schleching, Tel. (+49) 08649-985082, z e n @ l i c h t h u e t t e . d e . For further information about Sesshin and Zazenkai of Eva and Stefan, please contact them directly.
Announcement from Singapore
Those who would like to practise zazen in Singapore,
please email:
m c l o o n g @ y a h o o . c o m
or call Mrs.Vivien Boey at telephone number: +65-96653556.

Regina OBERNDORFER started a weekly Zazen in Franfurt a.M.:
Friday from 19:30 to 21:00. Those who are interested are invited to look at:
And to contact:
Tel: +49-6101-813383
Fax: +49-6101-813391
k u r t . o b e r n d o r f e r @ a r c o r . d e

******** Important Announcement ********

In order to facilitate future activities, the Sanbô-Zen Society has decided to take the following measures concerning the form of our publication, Kyôshô, and the way in which the yearly membership fees are collected. We sincerely ask you for your understanding and cooperation.
  1. From No. 322 (January/February 2007) the Kyôshô will be put on the "Members' Forum" (German page: "Forum der Mitglieder") of our homepage (http: //www.sanbo-zen.org), in both the Japanese and the English language sections. Members can enter this Forum using their ID (German page: "Kennziffer") and their password (cf. below). The Forum will be further enlarged through constant addition of translation (English/German) of teishos and other significant matters.
  2. The Japanese part of the Kyôshô will be printed and bound as usual, but, as a general rule, they will be sent only to the members residing in Japan.
  3. Generally, the Kyôshô will not be sent to those members residing outside of Japan. If, however, a member who has no access to the Internet informs the secretariat of this, either the printed version of the English Kyôshô or the booklet of the Japanese Kyôshô will be provided as requested.
  4. To pay the yearly membership fees, use of a credit card will be introduced on our Internet homepage from November 2006 (US $ 50.-; cf. "Membership/Donations Corner" from November 2006). New members who submit the yearly membership fees using a credit card will automatically obtain the ID and the password by which they can enter the "Members' Forum."
  5. Those members who have already paid their membership fees up to 2006 and have their email addresses registered at the secretariat will be informed of their ID and password upon completion of the renewal of the homepage with the above-mentioned payment system. This will enable them to enter the "Members' Forum" mentioned above. Those members who acquire an email address and submit to the secretariat will also be given their ID and password upon request. Furthermore, the donations will also be accepted with this system.
  6. When the fees are paid by the credit card, no formal receipt will be sent to the members, except in the case that such a receipt is requested. The automatic email confirming the payment will take the place of the usual receipt.
  7. Although the above-mentioned credit card system is strongly recommended for the payment of the fees from abroad, it will remain possible to transfer money to the account of German Gemeinschaftsbank (40 Eur from the fiscal year 2007 [April 2007-March 2008], for an indefinite period of time):
           GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
(Postfach      00829,      D-44708      Bochum;
Bank Sorting Code(Bankleitzahl): 43060967
IBAN: DE64 4306 0967 4011 8345 00
Giro account No. (Privatgirokonto Nr.):4011834500
Account holder (Name des Kontoinhabers): Migaku Sato
@@@@In addition, please note that our CitiBank account in Japan was abolished;
        therefore, it is not possible to send money there any more.
We sincerely ask for your cooperation.

As for inquiries concerning the membership, ID and password, or communications concerning the change of the address etc.:
Please use the following email address.

In order to avoid giving easy access
to the so-called "junk mails,"
the above email address has no "link" funktion.
Please type in the address when you actually use it.

 If you are interested in joining the Sanbô-Zen Society:
        Please click "About the Sanbô-Zen Society."

For other communications with the Secretariat of the Sanbô-Zen Society:
Please use the following email address

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to the so-called "junk mails,"
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Please type in the address when you actually use it.

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